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Pool Reinforcing Steel Installation Services in Santa Barbara, CA

​A swimming pool is the perfect addition to your Santa Barbara, CA, property. With balmy weather all year round, you can enjoy a swimming pool all the time. And when you rely on Diamenti Steel Inc. for pool reinforcing steel installation services, no guesswork is involved - you'll get a sturdy, reliable pool that you can enjoy for years to come.

​Our pool rebar installation process starts with careful observance of all structural engineering so that every piece of steel rebar is carefully and expertly installed. Structural engineers oversee every aspect of the reinforced steel installation after it is placed to ensure every swimming pool, water feature, or concrete structure meets their exact specifications.

With a solid rebar construction, your swimming pool will have the foundation it needs to remain stable without cracking or shifting. Our pool construction methods work for pools and hot tubs of any shape and size, including freestanding, hillside, and commercial pools.


Diamenti Steel Inc. has provided pool construction services in the Santa Barbara, CA, area for over 20 years. We have worked with local contractors and builders to create swimming pools that meet their exact needs, and we can create pools in the most popular styles such as grotto and infinity pools.

To learn more about our pool reinforcing steel installation services, call (805) 404-3351.